Grace Schools

Our Mission At Grace School


Grace is a school where teachers, parents and students all know we are valued because God loves us all. We are a Christ-centered school where a safe and nurturing environment leads to high academic standards and personal grow.  Our students are in a safe and caring environment, surrounded by a loving and dedicated staff interested in the development and well-being of each student. Our mission is simple: Love Jesus. Love Learning. Love Others. 


The Truth Is...When it comes to education, you want your child to have the best care possible. At Grace Lutheran School your child will feel valued, nurtured and engaged everyday. 

One Journey through Education and Faith


Our faculty members provide moral and religious instruction according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Why Grace Lutheran School?


●Rigorous Academics in a Christian context. 


● We are loving and caring 


 ● We are thoroughly Christ-Centered, evangelical and Bible based-committed to planting and nurturing a Christian worldview in students' lives, lifestyles, and hearts.

 ●Grace Lutheran School pursue and offer excellence and quality.

  ●Small class sizes, personalized attention.

  ●Your child will love going to school 

Our Purpose


 Established since 1961, the purpose of Grace Lutheran School is to provide sound instruction and a balanced elementary education which meets the needs of the child mentally, socially, physically and spiritually. The basic skills for preparing a child to meet life as a responsible Christian citizen are fostered and developed. We offer a New York State accredited curriculum taught by professional and certified teachers.  

Day School


Learn how  Grace school provides the most engaging, meaningful, Christian educational experience in Nassau County  



Learn more about how our Curriculum ensures creative learning, social, emotional, constructive movement activities and spiritual character development 


Clear thinking leads to good decisions.

Good decisions lead to the right habits.

The right habits forge character.