About Us

Our Programs

Grace Preschool offers full-day and half-day pre-k programs as well as 3 and 4 year old nursery school programs.  We also provide 2 year old programs.

Intellectual Growth

Preschool programs give your child a head start.  By the time they're ready for kindergarten, they can already have a good grasp of basics in math, art, handwriting, the alphabet and  reading. We also offer "The Bilingual Birdies Program," which will teach your child Spanish in a fun and engaging way through interactive songs and puppet shows. With limited class sizes, our loving and dedicated staff build your child's interest in learning.  Your child will increase their ability to build healthy relationships and learn core skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

Character Development

Our staff is dedicated to teaching core social skills that will increase your child's ability to build healthy relationships and adapt to new environments.  The loving and nurturing teachers at Grace make it their goal to provide young children with a good emotional and social foundation, enabling them to become more confident and able and ready to learn much more as the years go by.

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